To have all our chapter meetings and other events manifest an inviting comfortable supportive “Pay it Forward” atmosphere where a positive interchange of encouragement and NetWeaving happens. Where everyone and every business is respected and appreciated and where no one feels isolated and alone.

Creating an environment fostering positive and supportive small business relationships.



Thank you for visiting WINGSandHEROS.com. WINGS was created over 25 years ago by Diane McGee to create an environment where female business owners could have a safe and welcoming place to netweave and support each other. A few years later Diane added HEROS into the mix as she came across men who were honest, ethical and women could feel safe with. Unfortunately, we lost Diane McGee in late November of 2016, and what she worked so hard to create will go on in her memory. We have created a Board of Directors to ensure that what she started 25 years ago continues. A lot has changed in the 25 + years since Diane started WINGS and HEROS, but one thing hasn’t… our goal is still to attract like minded, caring, ethical, professional entrepreneurs who value the benefit that comes back tenfold as you cultivate trusting solid relationships.