(Women In NetWeaving Growing Strong) is an organization of referred women who have been recommended because of their honest and ethical business practices. WINGS provides both a physical and virtual way for these select caring business women to connect in order to share Business, Mentoring and Life skills in a supportive atmosphere where honest trusting relationship are cultivated and nurtured which in turn results in business being fostered and happening naturally.


Is the male complement of WINGS. HEROS are men recommended by our women who know them to be honest, ethical caring men who can be trusted and who have a respect for women. HEROS was put into place after hearing stories that many women shared about unpleasant experiences they encountered when dealing with dishonest men. Thus HEROS was created!  We needed a list of men that women could feel safe and comfortable doing business with and who they could be confident about referring to others. Being recommended and accepted as a HERO is a privilege and… we trust that you will measure up to our expectations. 


As a Wings and Heros member, we practice the “Golden Rule” & “Pay it Forward” forms of networking which focuses on bringing Business to Business & Business to Community.


Within WINGS and HEROS we are blessed to have many knowledgeable business people with a combined expertise in almost anything one would need in order to be proactive in business. Therefore, we encourage our members to consider themselves a “Mentor” and to head the call of a young person just starting out, a new entrepreneur, or even a seasoned business owner when they ask for help. We want to attract business people to the organization who delight in sharing words of wisdom with others who are looking for some direction. There is nothing more valuable or rewarding than being a mentor to others. You can change a life when you answer that call, and enrich yours as well.


Our Online Directory is a way for you to find small businesses that fit into our WINGS and HEROS criteria. If your Category or Location is not listed just fill out the form that comes up when you select JOIN. Categories and Locations only show if there is a listing to go under that heading.


The original logo was created by one of our founding members Penny (Gloria) McMullen… here is the story behind it.

THE BUTTERFLY must struggle to develop it’s wings. Take those struggles away and it dies…the lesson: We can encourage and nurture you in life and business, but growth comes from the struggle.

THE RAINBOW – The colours all thought they were better than the others until ‘Thunder’ roared at them in disgust and they frightfully hovered together.  The ‘Thunder’ said “now look at what a beautiful hue you are when you all pull together”…the lesson: No one is any better than another and when everyone works together beautiful things can happen.

THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD wasn’t traveled alone when Dorothy made here journey. They all encouraged one another to overcome their fears and together they each reached their goals…the lesson: Don’t go through life alone.  Envision every brick one the road as a lesson you have to learn, but you don’t have to go it alone. Ask for help when you need it and someone will.

APPLES OF GOLD – “As apples of gold in silver carvings is a word spoken at the right time for it”…the lesson: We have all experienced a time when we are down and discouraged when someone expressed some kind or thoughtful words… was that not a beautiful thing?  Some of the greatest word of wisdom are found in God’s Word.