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Stopping Hiccups

Stopping hiccups

Hiccups are usually caused by irritated nerves of the diaphragm, possibly caused from a full stomach or indigestion.

One technique for stopping hiccups that often work for others fail is to stimulate Vita Flex points for hiccups by

placing one drop of cypress and one drop of tarragon on the end of the index finger; then place that finger;

then place that finger against the esophagus in the clavicle notch in the center, and curl inward and down, like

you're curling down inside the throat, and release.

Tarragon or cypress either topically applied or taken as a dietary supplement may relax intestinal spasms,

nervous digestion, and hiccups.

Also if you apply pressure above the eye brow it will stop the hiccups if the essential oil doesn't stop them.


Tarragon, cypress, spearmint



Dilute 50-50, apply 3-5 drops to chest and stomach area


CAPSULE, 0 SIZE, 1 capsule 2 times daily in Rice Milk, 2-4 times daily.



I have to add my two cents about Hiccups. I hardly ever get them, but when I do I only have to smell

peppermint and they are gone. My daughter and I have both let strangers smell our peppermint to relieve

their hiccups, and they stop almost immediately. They are truly impressed! Recently, my husband had

hiccups and I told him about the peppermint, he didn't quite believe it would work, but he smelled it and

stopped hiccuping just like that.  Amanda Snadaer ME. 2004


I am still pretty new to oils so I often visit this site to get ideas of what to use. I had the hiccups for

about 10 minutes when my co-workers started joking about my essential oils because I often use them

at work. So I looked up what EO would work for hiccups and got out my lavender. I inhaled it for about

10 seconds and had no more hiccups. Even I am amazed how well that worked!

Lori Thayer CO. 2011


I have read that peppermint oil gets rid of hiccups. So today, shortly after they started, I went to my

oil collection to look for a bottle with a green label. I end up up finding Balsam Fir and decided to try

that. I took off the lid and inhaled 4 times. Amazingly, the hiccups just stopped. This was a first for me.

I don't claim to know how this works, but I know it does.Robert DFraughon UT. 2004


My 7 month old daughter had the hiccups for a while, about 10-15 minutes. Usually drinking something

helps it. However, I had no bottle nor was I able to nurse her since I was in a formal public meeting.

However, my sister had a bottle of Peppermint Essential Oil. I put a drop on my hand and also put some

on my tongue. I let her inhale it from my hand and also blew on her with my peppermint breath. To my

amazement before I could breathe twice, her hiccups stopped immediately. Another small miracle.

Hope Smith CA. 2005


My daughter had the hiccups the other day and were really bothering her. I told her to put 3 drops of

peppermint oil in a glass of water and drink it down. They were gone instantly.  Cheryl Desocio NY 2006


My grandson had a very aggressive case of hiccups tonight. I looked in my Essential Oils Desk Reference

and it mentioned several oils including cypress and peppermint. I knew I had peppermint but did not have

cypress. Looking through my briefcase of oils, intuitively I chose Aroma Life, and when I looked at the oils

included in the blend, sure enough, cypress was listed first. Bingo! I thought.

I put one drop of Aroma Life on my index finger and followed it with one drop of peppermint and pressed

my finger into the clavical (where the bones meet in a 'v' at esophagus) and gently pushed in and down,

gently rubbing the oils into that area and up those bones.

By the time I got my oils back in the case (10 seconds tops), his hiccups were GONE. You gotta love

these oils!  Annette Chaffee TN 2005


I wanted to post that our family runs for the lemon oil when we get the hiccups. It works every time.

Just open the bottle and sniff!  B. Brum TX 2010


Hiccups are a burden to me, whether they are mine or someone else's. Since I started using the

essential oils I have had hiccups only one or two times. Opening the bottle of Lemon, taking 3-4

good deep whiffs of the oil, the hiccups are gone quickly, much to my relief.

Because of this experience I will share a short story of someone who came into my office recently

with hiccups. A fellow essential oil user came to my office & shared that he had been hiccuping for

about 12 hours. (Imagine my reaction to that!) Anyway, he asked to see my copy of the Essential

Oil Desk Reference to find the recommended oils to rid himself of them. A number of oils are listed

 - tarragon, cypress, spearmint.

While he was reading the book I pulled out my Lemon oil & gave it to him. Without reading which oil

it was, he opened the bottle, took one deep breath of the lemon and the hiccups stopped! Needless

to say, neither of us even needed to see if the other oils worked for us. Lemon oil was it! 

Beverly Batho TX. 2008



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